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TENDO Unit Computer Software


What’s New

Version PA V601
  • Pictures in a database for quick and easy search and selection of groups, athletes and exercises
  • Bar graphs for each parameter such as power, force and velocity in comparison with the percentage of athletes best repetition, distinguished by colour based on audio limits
  • Individual line graphs for Velocity, Power, Force with a possibility to compare selected repetitions against each other with detailed information for each parameter
  • Possibility to view all line graphs in an auxiliary window for a better comparison
  • Velocity and Power – Load profile with estimation of 1RM based on minimal velocity threshold.
  • Instant 1RM estimation if there are min 3 different loads in an exercise set
  • Possibility to set a minimum velocity threshold individually
  • MultiRack monitoring – possibility to view up to 8 Tendo Units on one computer. Each software window works independently
  • Multi-Person Training, or alternation of athletes – collecting and saving data of individual athletes while alternating several different athletes. A unique feature for team training or testing
  • Leaderboard, instant ranking system, for a selected parameter of Power, Force or Velocity
  • View Leaderboard for all parameters in one window
  • iButton – by using the iButton chips to register the athlete to the software prior and after each exercise set the Tendo Power Analyzer system becomes a fully automated system for data collection in training and testing


Tendo Unit computer software main screen with multi person training, Leaderboard, Parameters and Graphs for power, velocity, force and 1RM


Size: 12 MB
Compatibility: Tendo Unit, Tendo Unit – WL
Computer Requirements: Processor 1.6.GHz, Ram 512Mb, Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32bit or 64 bit
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese
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