One of our frequently asked questions is whether it is possible to use pounds for weight setup.
With our new update for Tendo Unit’ microcomputer and Tendo Unit computer software, it is now possible! There are two ways how to do this…

A. Directly change the settings of your Tendo Unit’s microcomputer from kg to lbs and enter your weight. Here is how:

  1. Press the Mode button for 3 seconds to enter the setup menu. Scroll down the setup menu using the Mode button until you see Lb in the top display.
  2. Press Up arrow to turn the pounds ON for weight setup in lbs. Press down arrow to turn the pounds OFF for weight setup in kgs.
  3. Press the Reset button to save new settings and to exit the setup mode.

B. Download the latest Tendo Unit computer software (use with Tendo Bluetooth set) and change the weight setup from kg to lb in your computer.