No more sub-potential performances. Train to win.

If you are not measuring you are simply guessing and risking a true athletic potential to be wasted!

Velocity Based Training, Power Training and more …

Why is the Velocity Based Training so successful?

It brings feedback, and the feedback brings the quality into your training. However, reliable feedback needs reliable measurement and Tendo Unit offers this quality to you. Tendo Unit makes sure your training is effective, competitive and fun. It’s like a game, so just let the athletes play.

Do not miss this opportunity. The opportunity to unlock the full potential of your athletes. Give your athletes quality, give your athletes feedback, give them Tendo.

Football player Christiano Ronaldo, tennis player at Olympic Games in Rio in 2012, american football team being happy after winning a match

Join the team, be the best.


Train efficiently.

There is no time to waste on trial and error.

Make sure you train for a specific trait which is transferable to your sport.

To ensure this, Tendo unit provides you with data such as velocities and power outputs that were exerted during an exercise. Thanks to the instant feedback from each rep, you will be sure you are training in a range that is specific for the development of your desired trait.

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Tendo’s Power Training »

Schemes for velocity based training indicating velocity zones depending on % 1RM and velocity ranges and power training indicating power zones depending on % of one's maximum power output and development of explosive power necessary for explosive movements - Tendo Sport
*Hamar & Bosco, 1992

“My goal is to build better athletes not necessarily powerlifters…”  

 Rob Van Valkenburgh, Strenght and Speed coach

An example from Velocity Based Training:

“If the coach wishes to develop an athlete’s “absolute strength” in the back squat, they may prescribe a load which equates 90-100% of their  1-RM, or a maximum velocity of 0.5 m/s or less. Likewise, if they wished to enhance the “speed-strength” quality of the athlete, they may prescribe a load relative to 30-40% of their 1-RM or 1.3-1 m/s.”

Owen Walker, Strength and Conditioning coach, Science for Sport
Tendo unit microcomputer closeup with details on velocity results, % of the best rep in the set, number of repetitions - Tendo Sport

Speedup adaptation processes.

Train with maximum effort for maximum performance.

Tendo Unit’s instant feedback about how the repetition and the exercise set was done ensures you get maximum from your athletes on each training day.

As athletes are consistently achieving higher power values than they would normally do, the body rapidly adapts to high power outputs, meaning you will reach your desired results faster than ever.

Two athletes performing olympic lifts opposite each other while their power is measured via Tendo Unit by Tendo Sport which is creating an instant competitive environment

Kick-start your motivation.

Bring the competitive environment to your daily training routine.

Tendo Unit quantifies the athlete’s performance and can be set to signalise when the athlete is underperforming and when a new maximum is reached.

With this knowledge, the athlete will be challenged and try to beat their previous performance or to outperform other athletes.

The benchmark will bring athletes’ motivation back to the maximum, ensuring a maximal improvement during each training session.

“If I see some guys laughing and screwing around on their lifts, I slap the TENDO on them. I do not need to say anything after that. It changes their attitude and intensity immediately…it fixes a lot of problems.”

Johnny Long, Strength Coach, University of Tennessee


Adjust training loads to match the athletes’ readiness to train.

Tendo Unit will tell you when the load is too heavy or the intensity of the training is too high.

Thanks to this feedback, you can keep your training perfectly personalised the whole time.

This is especially important as a day to day fluctuation in muscle performance occurs due to different external stressors (e.g. players receive different amounts of playing and practice time).

Optimise the training loads on every given day, and prevent overtraining and a subsequent failure.

Tendo Unit microcomputer audio signal indicating when the load is too heavy, when the athlete is not able to keep up with prescribed training range
An american football player feeling sad after a lost match - Tendo Sport

Know when to stop.

Keep fatigue and injuries away.

Set audio signals/cut off values to know when to terminate your exercise set.

Know when the reps are no longer effective and prevent metabolic stress, neuromuscular fatigue, and unnecessary injuries.

Learn more about injury prevention and Tendo Unit »


Test it, don’t guess it.

Test the efficiency of your training programs.

Use Tendo Unit to perform tests weekly, monthly or each training mesocycle to assess the effectiveness of your training program.

Have objective data to show the progress to your clients or superiors, and keep them satisfied and motivated.

Silhouette of an athlete lifting weights above his head while measuring his velocity for velocity based training using Tendo Unit by Tendo Sport

Selecting the best of the best is not an easy task. 

Tendo Unit will help you to make the right decision.

Tendo Unit will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete and help you to objectively choose the right athletes for your team based on real data.


Identify and correct muscular weaknesses and imbalances.

Maximise rehabilitation effects.

Tendo Unit can be also used in unilateral training to monitor asymmetries of the limbs and to correct muscular weaknesses and imbalances.

Assess the patient at the beginning of the rehabilitation and periodically later on to see the progress and that the rehabilitation is correctly balanced to fit the individual’s needs. This will ensure you are doing the maximum for the recovery and that the athletes will get back to the game when they are truly ready without risking further injuries in the first game.

With TENDO Unit you can diagnose an athlete and uncover her or his weaknesses

”The athlete may have shown a lot of strength at bench press but is not able to do shot put well. Why is that? He doesn’t have the speed of the movement that, combined with strength, generates the necessary power for a long throw. With this knowledge, the weight training can be adjusted to increase the speed of the movement resulting in an improved shot put.”

Athlete lifting a barbell with a close up on Tendo Unit WL sensor by Tendo Sport attached to the barbell

Science for sports science.

Trust your data. Get valid and reliable data about athletic performances.

Tendo Unit is a linear positioning transducer which is scientifically proven to be a valid and reliable tool for providing instantaneous feedback to promote performance improvements.

Tendo Unit was found to accurately measure velocities and power outputs, unlike accelerometer based tools which tend to either exaggerate or underestimate performances.

Check independent research studies that asses reliability and validity of Tendo Unit »

Male athlete performing bench press while his alethic performance is measured with Tendo unit WL by Tendo Sport which sensor is attached to the barbell

That’s not all. We made extra precautions to keep your data even more reliable.

Tendo Unit is the only device for performance assessment which reduces confounding variables caused by undesirable attempts to maximise the results. By setting a range for partial average power and peak force measurement, the chosen setting filters out the undesirable measurements, leaving you with only reliable data and the possibility to compare the results of the same or different athletes more reliably.

Learn more about Elimination of Confounding Variables »


Made for your convenience.

Easy to set up and operate.

Designed for everyday use.

Simplicity is the key. Just set your load, if necessary adjust the filter and audio signals and train!

There is no need to go over lengthy steps and calibrations each time you want to exercise. Neither you have to indicate when you start the lift and when you finish. Tendo Unit unit automatically detects the bar movement, giving you the time to fully focus on your technique and performance.

Tendo Unit linear positioning transducer sensor with a hand pulling the sting by Tendo Sport
Tendo microcomputer unit by Tendo Sport being attached to a tripod via a magnet

NEW! Magnetic fastening.

Making the set up even more effortless.

The new microcomputer is equipped with a neodymium magnet for a quick attachment to a tripod or a rack. Just place the microcomputer unit onto the desired place on the metal rack or a metal plate of the tripod. There is no need for screws or special cases to hold microcomputer in a visible place.

NEW!  iButton – Automatic athlete recognition.

Automatise your training and testing.

All new microcomputers are equipped with iBotton, an RFID-like reader.

Training and testing large numbers of athletes has never been easier. Athletes can make fast changes during testings or circuit training with no action needed on your side, leaving you more time to engage with your athletes.

By touching iBotton with a chip, an athlete is automatically identified and data are transmitted to Tendo Power Analyser computer software and saved under their name. There is no need to manually change athletes in the system.

Athlete being automatically recognised in the system by touching iButton reader on Tendo microcomputer unit with iButton chip

“Just set your training or test and let the computer program do the rest.”

Learn more about iButton »          Shop Tendo Unit Computer Software »

33 h

of continuous usage!

Ideal for long hours of training and testing.

Tendo Unit was designed to last hours and hours of training and testing. Tendo Unit uses rechargeable AA batteries which will last up to 33 hours of continuous usage!

Ensuring you’re never out of power!

Athlete dropping a barbell near Tendo Unit WL sensor by Tendo Sport while working out and performing olympic lifts

Build to last.

Perform Olympic lifts with confidence.

Tendo Unit will not only last years but will also take on some rough and tumble.

Unlike other linear positioning transducers, thanks to Tendo Unit’s sensor design (+ Tendo unit WL has an extra sensor protection against dropping barbell) and carefully picked materials, you no longer have to worry that a bouncing bar is going to smash your piece of high technology and you can perform Olympic lifts with peace of mind.


As versatile as you will make it.

Unlock endless possibilities with Tendo Unit.


Benefits of well-designed weight training are transferable to other sports and also to real life.


Assess individuals, monitor workload and progress, keep the training safe and get the results you want thanks to high motivation on every training day! Scientifically proven to be safe for all age groups, check the research studies »


Not just with a barbell! Tendo Unit was found to reliably measure velocity and muscular power during free weight training, machine weight training and even vertical jumps. Check research studies »

A side by side comparison of Tendo Unit and Tendo Unit WL by Tendo Sport

Find the TENDO Unit that's right for you.

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