TENDO Bluetooth Set

The wireless connection to your computer

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Get the maximum out of your Tendo Unit. Interface Tendo Unit with your computer and use the new Tendo Power Analyser Computer Software.

To connect your Tendo Unit with Tendo Power Analyser Computer Software, you will need Tendo Bluetooth set. Tendo Bluetooth set provides a wireless connection of your Tendo Unit to your computer. Tendo Bluetooth set is already paired so there is no need for you to pair the Bluetooth devices. The Tendo Power Analyser computer software automatically recognises the Bluetooth, the same way as a cable.

To connect multiple Tendo Units with Tendo Power Analyser computer software, each Tendo Unit will need to be connected with a separate Tendo Bluetooth set.

Tendo Unit with Tendo Bluetooth Set


  • Connect Tendo Unit wirelessly with your computer – no pairing needed
  • Get the full access to Tendo Power Analyser Computer Software and all its benefits:
  • Change microcomputer settings directly from your computer
  • Create your own database
  • Automatically estimate your training load
  • Get instant visual feedback in the form of charts and graphs with the colourful distinction of how well an athlete is performing
  • Get detailed information about each and every rep
  • Get instant comparisons of reps
  • Manage multiple Tendo Units at the same time
  • Collect data from circuit training hassle-free
  • Use iButton chips for automatic athlete recognition and automatise your training and testing
  • Use live Leaderboards. The instant ranking system
  • Save the data collected by Tendo Unit to your computer
  • Review past performances and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor progress and optimise the training programs
  • Create performance reports
  • No yearly subscription


Tendo Unit

Tendo Unit – WL

Computer with operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8; 32bit or 64 bit; processor 1.6GHz; RAM 512Mb

Tendo Power analyser computer software on a laptop with plugged Tendo Bluetooth set

The package includes

Tendo Power Analyser Computer Software Installation USB

Tendo Computer Bluetooth

Tendo Microcomputer Bluetooth

User’s Manual