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TENDO Sprint System Computer Software


What’s New

Version V-0.9.4b
  • Create your own database – individual profiles, groups, training and test templates
  • See a graphic display of your training/test template – with graphical interpretation of all events as the athlete crosses the beam and with all the information about the photocells’ charge and signal connection
  • Automatically collect data to your computer and display all the results in Results Table
  • Save all your measured training/test data to your database
  • Export data in .xls as a single training/test session or to monitor progress
  • Use Stopwatch for instant feedback – project the stopwatch onto a big screen and share the data with your athletes for extra motivation


Tendo Sprint System computer software main screen with templates, groups and athlete database, activity details, run types, crosses of the beam, results table with times of each athlete


Size : 11 MB
Compatibility: Tendo Sprint System
Computer Requirements: Processor 1.6.GHz, Ram 512Mb, Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32bit or 64 bit
Languages: English
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