Tendo Sprint System External Display by Tendo Sport attached to a tripod showing speed results of an athlete

TENDO Sprint System

Display Board

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Product information


Tendo Sprint System Display Board is a wireless LCD display primarily used to show measured time values.

Tendo Sprint System Display Board also sets an immediate competitive environment in training and testing. The Display Board informs athletes about their performance straight away and motivates them to perform better each time. Thus, increasing the efficiency of each training session.

The real-time feedback not only motivates higher performance but also detects fatigue immediately and prevents unnecessary injuries caused by exhaustion.

Tendo Sprint System Display Board has 3 operational modes:

  1. Stand-alone device – the display subtracts data directly from photocells, automatically evaluates the data, and displays the results on the LED display—all without a connection to TSS computer software. 
  2. Computer-controlled display – The display shows data based on PC commands. Either the results of the measurement by Tendo Sprint System computer software or a simple text of your choice.
  3. Clock – the display shows the current time.

As all Tendo products, Tendo Sprint System Display Board is built for everyday use, easy to set up, and lasts for many more years. Tendo Sprint System Display Board uses rechargeable AA batteries with a battery life of up to 55 h of continuous. However, the visibility of the display is what matters. Tendo Sprint System Display Board has high visibility LED screen, which is visible even in direct sunlight. Furthermore, the screen has both automatic and manual adjustment of brightness level to suit any light conditions.


  • Wireless connection
  • Sets instant competitive environment and boosts motivation
  • immediate fatigue detection and injury prevention thanks to real-time feedback
  • 3 operational modes: Stand-alone device, Data displayed based on PC commands (results measured by Tendo Sprint System or simple text), Clock
  • Easy to set up, designed for everyday use
  • Build to last (impact, water-resistant, long battery life of up to 55h of continuous usage)
  • High visibility in direct sunlight
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of brightness level

The package includes

1 LED display board

1 antenna

1 tripod

1 set of rechargeable batteries with power adapter

Tendo Sprint System external display by Tendo Sport being attached via magnet to a tripod