Tendo Sprint System by Tendo Sport single gate consisting of one photocell and one reflector

TENDO Sprint System

Split Gate

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Product information


Use extra photocell and reflector pairs with tripods to measure split times and to train tempo runs. Split times allow you to compare athletes times for portions of a run while multiple split gates will make the tempo runs fun and easy to train, thanks to a higher concentration of immediate feedback.

Use up to 8 Tendo Sprint System Split Gates per one basic Tendo Sprint System kit and get the full potential out of your Tendo Sprint System system with endless training and testing possibilities.

Tendo Sprint System photocell by Tendo Sport front view


  • Extra photocell and reflector pair of lasting quality 
  • Measure split times 
  • Compare times for portions of a run
  • Train for pacing and endurance – the more Tendo Sprint System Split Gates, the easier it is to maintain prescribed pace and train tempo runs 
  • Use up to 8 Tendo Sprint System Split Gates per one basic Tendo Sprint System kit
  • Unlock the endless training and testing possibilities

Tech Specs

Wireless connection

Max. distance between photocell and reflector is 5 m

Max. distance between Split Gates and Tendo Sprint System signal receiver is up to 150 m

4 Communication channels for Europe and 10 for USA

Frequency range based on –  Europe – 868MHz, USA – ??MHz

Up to 65 hours of continuous usage

Tendo sprint system photocell view of the back - Tendo Sport

The package includes

1 photocell

1 reflector

2 tripods

1 set of rechargeable batteries with power adapter

1 antenna