Since 2015, each Tendo Unit has been equipped with an iButton reader. The iButton reader is an RFID-like microchip which is used for automatic athlete identification in training and testing. Thanks to which data collection can be automatized.

By simply touching the iButton Reader of the microcomputer unit with an iButton chip, the Tendo Unit computer software automatically identifies the athlete in the system and collects their data under their name.

If you set a circuit training mode in the computer software you can freely interchange players at one station. Each time a player touches iButton reader with his iButton chip, the player’s data from the previous exercise set will be recalled and saved in one file, together with the new data from the last set, even if the sets were performed with different weight. 

With iButton chip, there is no need to manually choose players from the system anymore. Just set your Tendo Units, make your athletes tap the iButton chip reader with their iButton chips and let the computer software to do the rest for you. 

Training and testing a large number of athletes has never been easier.

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