Tendo Power Analyzer Computer Software

Tendo Units can also be interfaced with laptop computer and utilize Tendo Power Analyzer software. This is fast becoming the choice of the prossesional trainers, colleges and pro teams.
May 10, 2017 – New Version 5.0.5 released – Correction for opening files.

– New design of software window
– Added column for peak force and displacement in the table
– Graph comparison for whatever repetition
– Circuit Training Mode – possibility to change a person after each exercise set and later recall previous results from this training by change setting person’s name and continue with the exercise set. It is for training with group of athletes for one station.
– New database (it is recommended to save database from version V 4.1.0)
– Utilize the iButton chip for person’s identification


Tendo Power Analyzer Software offers all you need to know about each rep.



• Velocity – Displacement (Time)
• Force – Displacement (Time)
• Power – Displacement (Time)
• actual values of displacement, time, velocity, force and power are displayed for selected point of the line


• with BAR CHARTS for percent value of power and velocity for each rep
• average and peak values of power and velocity
• multi-weight sets – sets with different load
• not only how fast is upward movement, but also how fast is downward movement
• total displacement – range of motion for each rep.
• average power for selected part of range of motion – Partial Average Power


Export data to Microsoft Excel program.

• Summary report
• Raw data for each rep



Microcomputer setup panel

• possibility to change Tendo Unit setting from software

Numerical display independent on Tendo Unit display

PA Software_Workstation Panel

TENDO Power Analyzer software – version 5. – works with 32-bit and 64-bit systems Wimdows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP

Tendo Power Analyzer software package includes:

• Installation CD
• Tendo Computer Bluetooth
• Tendo Microcomputer Bluetooth